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"When Experience Counts"

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The GLCM Group is focused on providing high-quality professional petroleum services and customer satisfaction -  we are a group of "Experienced Petroleum Consultants" taking on the challenges of todays oil industry.  The GLCM group takes pride in the ability to keep your project moving forward, maintaining policy, proactive not reactive supervision!  The "GLCM" group can handle every aspect of your project, from Specialized Professional Petroleum Consultants to Project Management and HSE/Safety to handle every aspect of your project offshore, inland or land our Highly qualified personnel will do everything to meet your expectations and beyond.

If your in need of highly qualified petroleum consultants with many years of experience in every aspect of todays oil industry (Rigs, HWO's, Coil Tubing, Wireline, Rig less P&A , Sub-Sea or Surface), "When Experience Count's" "GLCM" Group LP....

We have the solutions for your problem Any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

                               "When Experience Counts"

                                    The "GLCM" group

                                 "Proactive Not Reactive Supervision"

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